Welcome to our eSafety page where we will give you and your children tips on staying safe online!

First of all remember the SMART rules!

Safe – Never give out your personal information over the internet, such as your name, address, school and email address.

Meeting – Never meet up with anyone you meet up with online.

Accepting – Don’t open emails or attachments from anyone you don’t know as they may contain a virus.

Reliable – Always check two or more websites to ensure the information you are reading is correct.

Tell – Always tell an adult if you are unsure about anything on the internet!

Here are some websites that your child may enjoy looking at:

Hector’s World

The adventures of Kara, Winston and the SMART Crew


Here are some websites which parents may wish to look at:

Protecting your children online

UK Safer Internet Centre



If you are ever unsure of anything online, then please contact Mr Thorogood who will be happy to speak to you.




In Year 6 we have been researching Internet Safety. Find more information by clicking on the links below:

Social Media Advice

Gaming Advice

Year 6 films

Safer Internet Day 2018

As part of Safer Internet Day in Year 6 we discussed different forms of streaming online. We used a PowerPoint from to give us scenarios of good and bad attention. We discussed how comments can have hidden messages of grooming and what we should do if...

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Safer Internet Day 2018

At St Aidan's we will be supporting Safer Internet Day on 6th February 2018. The theme will be, 'Create, Connect and Share Respect. A better internet starts with you.' Safer Internet Day is coordinated by the Safer Internet Centre. The celebration sees hundreds...

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eSafety Advice with Year 6

As part of our eSafety topic, the children in Year 6 decided they would like to give up to date advice based on issues which they, or friends had experienced. Using the SMART Crew videos on childnet as a basis for their work, they made the following videos:...

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Year 6 Internet Safety Day

As part of Internet Safety Day, Year 6 designed their own emojis relating to how to stay safe online. They also discussed how to use mobile technologies safely and looked at case studies of when children had misused...

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E Safety Council Logo

Well done to Charlotte Rookledge for her design for the E-Safety Council logo in school. The logo will appear on the website and any paperwork relating to the E-Safety...

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Internet Safety Day in Year 3

  Today, 7th February, is Internet Safety Day so in Year 3 we started the day by reminding ourselves of how to stay safe online with some fun activities and games. We looked at a photograph to see what clues we could spot in the background and then thought about...

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360 degree safe eSafety Award

It is with great pleasure that we can announce St Aidan's earned the 360 degree safe eSafety Award. We are proud of the dedicated work pupils, staff, parents and governors do together to ensure the school is at the forefront of internet safety. Well done to the...

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eSafety advice from Year 6

As part of their eSafety topic, the children in year 6 were given five different scenarios to discuss. By clicking on each of the videos below, you can hear the problems which many children experience, and the best ways of dealing with them:...

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Pokemon Go Advice for Parents

As you may or may not be aware, a new app has hit the stores called Pokemon Go. The app is very popular with children and adults alike, but it may be worth noting that it is recommended for ages 9 and above. In basic terms the app works by using the GPS on the device...

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